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Software for Dating

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Product Description

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Software for Dating is the best php script package Datetopia provides for online singles personals & couples speed dating events, various niche matchmaking services, social networking, adult community websites, niche match making classifieds. Thanks to the fact that it’s very customizable, this match making software can power all types of niche websites: all profile types, attributes, categories are customizable including search & registration attributes; the matchmaker software is also multi-language and multi-template based; the included flash streaming video chat is oriented towards dating and adult usability as it implements on chat and on site private session support; these dating scripts include social networking and community modules like the friends network and events & birthdays calendar.

Key Features: Agency Management, Complex Matchmaking Calculations, Multi Language Profiles, Multiple Templates, Search Feeds, Custom attributes and categories, Couples and Groups Support, Zone Filters, US Zip Search, Integrated Forum, Integrated Chat, Referral tracking, Content Management, Banners/Ads Management, Custom Memberships, Search Filters, Matches Newsletter, Blogs, Friends Network, Multimedia Content, Events Calendar, Link Exchange Directory, Support Tickets, Newsletters, 100% Web Based Video Chat.

FEATURES (See Version Info / Development History)

 Key Features
Download and run on your server, under your domain. All data is kept on your server. (See Requirements)
Members can manage multiple profiles from the same account (agency feature)
Membership rights system, custom recurring membership upgrade packages
Multiple languages and translation support, Profiles can be stored in multiple languages
Unlimited custom profile attributes organised in custom categories
Profile attributes and attribute categories editor for webmaster area
Unlimited level referral tracking
Internal messaging system with blind email notification
Picture upload (mysql storage for pictures), rating and comments, top
Media file uploads supported (MP3, WAV, AVI, MPEG) *
Thumbnail generation (increase loading speed) with site name stamp
Simple web based chat area (flash) integrated with secret rooms
Integrated popular message board
Tooltips and intuitive interface for users to learn fast the complex system features
Multimedia directory (galleries, pictures, stories, movies) *
Zone filters (location targeting) with 4000+ worldwide countries, states and counties *

 Marketing Features
Custom recurring membership upgrades (with webmaster package editor)
Advanced payment system (members fund their accounts using multiple custom payment gateways)
Mass email with auto insertion of member personal data (protect from spam filters), html/text emails
Multimedia directory where members can sell multimedia content *
Unlimited level referral tracking
Affiliate bonus, daily bonus for each posted profile
Invite only registrations mode (Private club mode)

 Content Features
Unlimited custom attributes (multiple types), attribute categories *
Simple/advanced search (customizable search fields)
Profile name search
Zip mileage search (US database included) *
Online search, search with pictures
Filters (wanted profiles) for advanced matchmaking calculations
Picture uploading and comments/rating system, picture top
JPG custom quality thumbnails with site name stamp for uploaded images
Anti picture theft system : thumbnails with site name are server for external requests
WYSIWYG editor for html content
Content Management System for dynamic sections like news
Automated translation of profile selectable fields in all languages (auto multilanguage support)
Custom profile data stored for each language (full multilanguage support)

 Communication Features
Internal inbox private messaging with blind email notifications (option to notify for each profile)
Message archive to store old messages, message templates, track sent messages, default templates
Instant message notificaton if member is online (option to notify for each profile)
Browse/search online profiles (option to hide online status for each profile)
Contacts agenda with favourite profiles (custom categories with custom icons editable by webmaster)
Block Users
Flash chat area (multiple public channels, secret channels)
Public chat room editor


MATH AGENCY – Matchmaking Packages – Extra Modules Comparison Table
Module Details Software for Dating Match Agency BiZ Buy Dating Site
Administrators Multiple administrators support.
AteoMedia AteoMedia java chat application. Requires the AteoMedia plugin. Requires the AteoMedia plugin.
AteoMessenger AteoMessenger application support. Requires the AteoMessenger plugin. Requires the AteoMessenger plugin.
Banners Banner management.
Blogs Users can create and manage blogs. Requires the Blogs plugin.
Calendar Events and birthdays calendar. Requires the Calendar plugin.
CamDate CamDate / CamDate PRO support. Requires CamDate/CamDate PRO. Requires CamDate/CamDate PRO.
Censored Words Censored words filter.
Confirmation Code Human verification image.
Content Management Dynamic content management.
Couples and Groups Couple and group profiles.
Downloads Publish and manage download pages. Requires the Advanced SEO Pack 2 Plugin. Requires the Advanced SEO Pack 2 Plugin.
Friends Network Users can link friends to their profile. Requires the Friends Network plugin.
Invite Invite friends to website.
Invite Contacts Members can invite contacts from multiple services.
Java Chat AteoMedia java chat.
Link Exchange Directory Link [exchange] directory management. Requires Advanced SEO.
Link Partners Manage link partners. Requires the Advanced SEO Pack 2 Plugin. Requires the Advanced SEO Pack 2 Plugin.
Match Newsletter Sends newsletter with latest matches for filter profiles.
Message Templates Users and webmasters can save message templates. Requires the Extra Content plugin.
Multimedia Resource Directory Users can upload multimedia resources. Requires the Multimedia Resource Directory Plugin. Requires the Extra Content plugin.
Newsletters Visitors can signup to newsletters. Requires the Customer Support Plugin.
Picture Crop Users can crop uploaded pictures.
Profile Comments Comments section on profiles.
Profile Ratings Ratings section on profiles.
Recommend Recommend profiles to friends.
Remote Content Manage content for multiple websites. Requires Advanced SEO.
Remote Control Control other websites. Requires the Advanced SEO Pack 2 Plugin. Requires the Advanced SEO Pack 2 Plugin.
Search Feeds Search & browse results from other websites.
SEO Search engine optimizations.
Settings Edit system settings.
Shoutbox Users can post their opinions realtime.
Templates Multiple templates support.
Tickets Ticket submission, replies and management. Requires the Customer Support Plugin.
Typos Typos generator. Requires the Advanced SEO Pack 2 Plugin. Requires the Advanced SEO Pack 2 Plugin.
User Help User help sections.
VideoFlashChat Flach Chat with FMS Video streaming. Requires the Video Flash Chat Plugin.
Webmaster Customizations Webmaster customizations menu.
Webmaster Help Webmaster help sections and editing.
Webmaster Marketing Webmaster marketing menu.
Webmaster Members Webmaster members menu.
Webmaster Sales Webmaster sales menu.
Wishbox Visitor requests box. Requires the Advanced SEO Pack 2 Plugin. Requires the Advanced SEO Pack 2 Plugin.
Zipcodes US zipcodes. Requires the Localization plugin.
Zones Worldwide zones. Requires the Localization plugin.
 Included in the package.
Requires the Localization plugin. Available in additional plugins. (Not included)
 Not available.

Notes: All product packages listed above are powered by the Match Agency – Matchmaking Software Engine v7.6 or higher.


Software Requirements
Web Server OS UNIX – any flavor (Redhat suggested) /
Window 98/Me/XP
Web Server Any web server with PHP support
Apache (suggested) [ download ]
PHP version > 4.3 [ download ]
  • with gd 2.0+ module enabled with jpeg support [ download ]
  • with callendar support enabled
  • required settings :
    register globals On
    (on most servers can be enabled locally with php.ini or .htaccess files)


MySql version > 3.2 [ download ]


Adobe / Red5 Flash Media Server (only required for Video Flash Chat plugin)
Products showed increased compatibility on CPanel administrated hosts. (few or none settings required changes)

Compatible hosting provided by Datetopia


Installation instructions
Unzip and open _setup/index.html.


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