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Exit Exchange

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Product Description

on page exit exchange



80% OFF
Discount for 1 domain license


Powered by Trafffic traffic exchange system:

(compulsory: member area, realtime statistics, admin panel, rankings, internal messaging,other…)
Start Page Exchange
Rankings (top25, top100) $5
Portal (browsable categories) $5
Website content provider $5
Exit exchange
Banner exchange

Popup exchange $10
Popunder exchange $10
PPC Search engine $40
Paid email program $30
Multi safelist system $75
Autosurf Frame
(for all installed exchange types)


Automated register verification by email
Edit member contact details
Create and manage unlimited number of campaings
Select multiple campaign targeting categories/subcategories
Set keywords
Add unlimited number of banners
Get code for generating traffic credits
Traffic system overal statistics


Set exchange rate for each member and default exchange rate
Disable/Enable members
Search members, order listings by fields
Edit member details
Edit member policy, trusted status, autoapprove campaigns/banners
View member area
Add/remove credits
Approve campaigns, banners (can be set on autopilot)
List campaigns by groups, edit campaigns
Configure payment modes for buying credits (paypal and egold payment gateways already integrated, also any 2checkout product link)
Process payments/withdrawals with a single click
Email members (select 1 member or all)
Post custom messages and notifications (to all/advertisers/free/trusted/disabled/not confirmed) in inbox and also by email, html and text.
Edit directory groups and levels
Set default credits, affiliate bonus
Set default page, banner
Analyze campaign traffic by hour, day, visitors, unique visitors
Edit all page and email templates, css styles, member area custom resource center, traffic exchange top frame
Bann IP, IP prefix
Set IP fraud check timeframe
Set IP startpage minimum skip time
Set member approval mode
Clean old messages, events from database, traffic records to boost statistics and overall website speed


Installation instructions
Unzip and open install/install.txt.


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