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Dating Agent BiZ

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Product Description

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This software is customized for personals, dating, and matchmaking sites so you don’t have to spend more for custom web development. We provide powerful php solution with fast and secure mysql database management. Our clients can easily implement their own layout because of the use of html based template files.

Key Features (See Version Info / Development History)
Download and run on your server, under your domain. All data is kept on your server. (See Requirements)
Internal messaging system with blind email notification
Unlimited picture upload, management and rating
Thumbnail generation, automated big picture resize, website name stamp
Dynamic content management system
Chat area (flash)
Integrated popular message board
Comprehensive member profile attributes, including 3 custom fields
Multiple member types, paid membership upgrades (custom interval – monthly expiration can be set)
Affiliate system

 Marketing Features
4 Membership types (Free + Paid: Silver, Gold, Platinum)
4 Membership expiration types (1,3,6,12 intervals, the interval can be set to a custom number of months)
Customizable fees, expiration time, membership privileges
Integrated Paypal, Moneybookers,, e-Gold payment processing
Custom payment gateway (product/subscription link based)
Invite friends on signup
Promotional codes can be submited on signup and member area, multiple promotions management
Affiliate system with customizable rates for referring
Mass email with autoinsertion of personal data (antispam)

 Content Features
Comprehensive member profiles (contact,personal,web identity details)
3 Custom fields
Dynamic content management system
Picture uploading and rating, picture top
Thumbnail generation, automated big picture resize, website name stamp on pictures and thumbnails
Top rated pictures gallery
Fast, simple and advanced search
Search with pictures, search members online

 Communication Features
Internal inbox private messaging with blind email notifications
Contacts agenda with favourite profiles
Flash chat area (multiple public channels, secret channels)


Installation instructions
Unzip and open webmaster/install.html.



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