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This page explains licensing terms and conditions.


Client Policy

You have the right to use 1 copy of the script, modify it and sell, trade, give these rights to somebody else. If you sell, trade, give your copy of the script you lose all rights you have on it.

These scripts are delivered with full source code (php scripts and mysql dumps). As all source is included, the license price does not include any support or extra work. A PHP developer is required to edit the scripts.


Reseller Policy

If you want to use on unlimited projects (on domains you own) or resell scripts or derivative works, reseller and distribution rights are available for cost of 3 licenses (at listed discount price).
Add product 3 times to your shopping cart to get reseller rights.

Resellers are not allowed to sell the products or derivative works containing this for a lower price than available on this website. Any license sold for a lower price, traded or given away for free is not valid.

Resellers are not allowed to trade, give, sell resell rights more than once. If they trade, give, sell the resell rights they lose all rights they have on it.


Refund Policy

Please carefully evaluate the scripts using the demos. Spend as much time as necessary to test all features of the programs you are interested in before you make your purchase. Source code is shipped with the program; therefore all sales are final as the digital nature of the products make them non-returnable.